First Video Submission

Many thanks go first:

1. Chris Lawn is certifiably amazing, and slammed out this video like a pro.  Dude gets perpetual props here on out.  Check out his Youtube channel!  Without him, I couldn’t have done this.  I’ll be trying some of my own video sometime, but he is the master.

2. Ean Golden and everyone and DJ Tech Tools are real leaders.  Thank you for getting me off my ass and making this possible.  These contests, and the community growing around controllerism, are way too exciting for me to sit back.  You all come off as provocative, principled DJs who are not shy about squashing genres/sounds.  And you make open-source techie toys!

3. Native Instruments needs all kinds of awards for Traktor.  I found it six years ago when I wanted something to replace Ms. Pinky as my digital setup.  It was the only mainstream product that let me use my own hardware and kept giving me more and more to open up each year.  I’m still using Traktor DJ Studio 3 (I know….I know….) and do hope to upgrade to Traktor Pro soon.  But forgive me, wise musicky Germans of NI, for holding out a little longer.  It took me this long to open it up the whole way, and I’ve earned some enjoyment.  New tools take time, so they have to wait just now.

BTW, this is my first actual entry into DJ Tech Tool’s video contest.  I had cut a previous entry for the last contest….but it was way long and wasn’t ready in time.  So for this one I took the quick and simple approach.  The rules were to use those four samples, and I’d love to have done more, but the only thing I added in was my ID at the very beginning.

I want to next cover a quick walkthrough of my video, and leave a description of my setup for later.  It’s always very chicken-and-egg to me whether I should talk about the setup or the sound.  Sound wins for now.

~ by djsilence on May 11, 2010.

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