My Keyboard Mapping

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Here’s my setup (below it is the tsi file for the keyboard only):
I used these stickers:
My main goal was to fit the physical layout to Traktor’s GUI. There are control for four decks taking up most of the keyboard. The only exceptions are:
`~ = Quantize on/off
‘” = Fx1 On
\| = LFO Reset
up/down arrows = browse tracks
In the upper-right, the blank area (-, =, [, ]) is to load new songs into each deck and uses the shift-key
The spacebar phase-syncs all four decks
Also note that there is no shift-function for the loop on/off buttons
For each deck:
Controls = Play (1, 8, A, K), next/prev cue (green), BeatJump +/- 16 (yellow), loop on/off (E, P, C, /), 4 FX-selects (multicolor)
Shift+Controls = Pause, key +/- 1, BeatJump +/- 4, EQ reset (red), filter reset (blue), channel fader max/min (orange/purple)
[now for new thoughts]
What can I use the left/right arrows for if I avoid the Traktor crossfader?
Should the spacebar be used for anything else?
WHY does phase sync move the scrubber for a paused deck? 

~ by djsilence on March 9, 2012.

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